ARSENAL 2 INDIEPENDIENTE 1 played in 1989 for unofficial World Club championship

Following the success of the northern gloryhunting scumbags from OT out here in the States, I’ve seen many posts on here wanting to know why Arsenal have never crossed the pond? To put the record straight, Arsenal have played on this side of the Atlantic. It was in the pre-season of 1989 after we had been crowned champs the previous season at Liverpool for the first time in 18 years. The club were invited to take part in a match against Indiependiente of Argentina that was labelled The Zenith Data Systems unofficial World Club championship decider at Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami. I was in the crowd of 15,000 that day. I was behind the goal that all the Gooners and British ex-pats were sitting. The match although a friendly was a real dirty affair (nothing new when an Argentinian team comes up against a British side), which wasn’t helped by some right crappy officiating by a local referee who totally lost control of the match when he sent off our physio Gary Lewin for attending to Perry Groves on the side of the pitch who had his legs virtually capitualated by a vicious Argie tackle from behind. Needless to say that Indiependiente didn’t finish the game with their full quota of players who were just intent to see how many of our players they could injure. They even resorted themselves to spitting and using racial language towards our coloured players that day. The game itself ended 2-1 in our favour with David Rocastle R.I.P scoring both including one from the penalty spot. I hope this puts an end to the debate about why Arsenal never come out here. Not only that, but they did bring out the Premiership trophy and FA Cup on a California tour in March, so to say that the club doesn’t recognise that there is a market out here is totally out of order.