Leeds Preview

Owning and managing a football club is a “catch-22″. In order to have a good team on the pitch you have to spend money, but you have to have a good product on the pitch in order to make that money. It takes a lot of effort to balance the books while balancing the talent and LUFC is an example of a club that has NOT done well in this department. Their attempts to build a world-class club and win trophies came surprisingly close in the CL two years ago but now the debt is overwhelming. A “for sale” sign sale went out on the lawn at Leeds and the talent was sold-Ferdinand, Woodgate, Fowler, Keane, Bowyer, Mills and Dacourt.

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4 game ban for Lauren, 3 for Keown, 1 each for Parlour and Vieira plus assorted fines for these players and Cole and GBP 175,000 fine for Arsenal. I think I captured it all – anyone hear anything additional?

In my view a bit tough on Lauren who has never been in trouble before, but it could have been worse. What I didn’t notice in the soccernet report was reference to any punshment meted out to MU for their part in the fracas. Hmm – guess they played no part in it. Nothing new there.

Food For Thought

Alright, got a couple of things that have got me thinking recently. Let me know your thoughts:

Many of our players are ones that were struggling or at least hadn?t achieved major success in Europe before they came to the Arsenal. Henry, Pires, Vieira and Ljungberg all come to mind. While they have all flourished in England, they still have trouble in one area: playing in Europe. What does this mean? I?m not sure. Maybe the EPL isn?t that good. Maybe players who would struggle in Europe can come to England and succeed. Personally I think the EPL is, at best, the third best league behind Serie A and La Liga. It is interesting to note that our guys have trouble playing in Europe now, just as they did when they played in Italy, Spain, France, etc.

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