Carling Cup – Arsenal 3 – 0 Reading

Reyes, van Persie and Lupoli bag goals as Arsenal, fielding some players I’ve literally never heard of (Kerrea Gilbert?), roll on. Nice little run of form from the Gunners. No, this game was not crucial, but it’s good to keep the momentum going.

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Arsenal’s reserves show Reading that despite being top of the Coke League, they’re not quite ready for the big time, as the Gunners win this afternoon’s Carling Cup 4th round tie 3-0.

Jose Antonio Reyes opened the scoring 12 minutes in. Robin van Persie scored – AGAIN – his eighth goal in as many games. The man is on fire. Arturo Lupoli added the third just moments after coming on for van Persie midway through the second half.

I’m not sure who the Gunners will face in the 1/4′s, but one team who won’t be there is Aston Villa, who lost 3-0 to Third Division side Doncaster. It’s the biggest win in Doncaster’s history, and what’s even more shocking is that Villa manager, and former Gunner, David O’Leary, fielded a first-team side. Gooners around the world can’t help but have a bit of a laugh at O’Leary’s expense despite his being an Arsenal old-boy. You see, back when O’Leary was manager of Leeds United, he used to talk lots of shit about Arsenal, and always directed his players to play dirty. So excuse me for a minute….

“HA HA!”

So, Arsenal now travel to Bolton to take on Wanderers on Saturday. The match is on PPV here in the States and kicks off at 10 AM ET.