The emergence of Van Persie & the Reyes enigma…

Robin van Persie is the one player who has really stepped up to the plate this season and has come on in leaps and bounds. The rape allegations during the summer seem to have matured van Persie into a calmer player, thus honing his considerable talents to be channeled towards football and not other aspects such as his fiery temper.

With his partnership with Henry blossoming by every passing game I believe we can compare what Bergkamp offered to what Van Persie will offer in the years to come. What Van Persie must develop further is his distribution of the ball to his team mates which thus far is his one glaring weakness. He tends to be more an individual rather than a more complete player which I guess will come over time.

I think RVP will score more goals than Dennis on a per season average as he plays slightly more up front then DB did. RVP tends to be more left footed to DB’s two feet but then it might not matter as much.

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The Measure of Success

Think of the names of Europe?s elite football clubs. What are they? What makes them the cream of crop? Is Arsenal among them? If not, what are they lacking?

These are the measures of success. No club can honestly claim themselves before all, or at least all but one, of these criteria are fulfilled.

-Sustained Domestic Success
-European Success
-Iconic / Celebrity Players
-Cultural Association
-Classic, Definitive Club Song
-Historic, World Class Stadium
-Defining Historical Events

With these criteria in mind, there are only a small number of clubs that can truly be considered elite. No surprises here, they are, in no particular order, Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Manchester United, Celtic, Glasgow Rangers, and Ajax. Each of these clubs fulfill all, or all but one, of these criteria. Manchester United for example has obvious domestic success, two European Cups to their credit, a host of famous players have worn their colours, the 1958 Munich Air Disaster has shaped a generation of supporters, and the list goes on for Man U.

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Arsenal 3 – 0 Blackburn

Sometimes the best way to deal with a physical team like Blackburn is to put them on their heels early. A fourth minute strike from Cesc Fabregas. TH14 added another and then Robin can Scorsie put together a brilliant run and shot from a tough angle to finish it.

I’ve only seen the last 30 minutes of the game, but it was filled with real bits of fantastic talent as Bergkamp and Henry both showed some real class. Pires, Freddie and Reyes were working hard and the defense had a bend but don’t break thing going on as Blackburn put on plenty of pressurel. A good win that keeps the momentum going.