You Lot Would Have Surrendered After Dunkirk

The comments of the last few weeks are understandable. I agree with some of them (Baptista and Aliadiere should go, Flamini sucks, Fabregas is either tired or has been found out, Arsenal cannot defend set pieces nor can it punish teams with corners, the wide midfielders Arsenal has are not true wingers, Lehman’s time may be up, Eboue needs to learn how to behave, Wenger should fess up more often and call out several of his men, Arsenal needs someone, anyone, to hold the players internally accountable.) I disagree with a bunch of others (Clichy is only half as good as Cole, Flamini has heart and should be retained, and most definitely, Wenger should go.)

Although understandable, however, these comments are simply not helpful. They are a mark of the desperation we are ALL experiencing as Arsenal is hemorrhaging and possibly (maybe even probably) losing 4th place in the Premiership. Nonetheless, there is nothing that Arsenal can do at this time other than to go out, play hard, and try to overcome some obvious short-comings. Berating and second-guessing Wenger now is unworthy of you. Call for Wenger’s head, if you must, in the off-season but let’s root hard for the team for the remaining games this year. There are not that many left and, as you all know, there will be plenty of time from mid-May through mid-August to go over, ponder, predict and prophesize the moves that should have been made and should not have been made.

So for now, i.e., the upcoming Bolton game at the Emirates and the remaining five games, I propose that we back the Arsenal and celebrate victories, real effort, and heart. We all know there are problems to be fixed but let’s NOT join the Myles Palmer bandwagon of bashing Arsenal and calling for Wenger’s head now that the season has turned to rot. That is not worthy of any of us.

I don’t know about you but I believe for any real Arsenal fan to visibly support the blatherings on Myles Palmer’s website (a website I note that primarily exists to support the sales of Palmer’s biography of Wenger) is tantamount to treason. Yes, you heard me right, Mazza. Palmer is a horse’s _ss, financially benefitting from his book celebrating Wenger’s genius at one moment and hailing Wenger’s vision after the double Liverpool victories and Tottenham comeback, and now posting articles which do everything but come right out and say Wenger should be fired. Whatever else Wenger has done, he is too successful, too innovative, too responible for elevating Arsenal into the top lot of world clubs to be held accountable by such a xenophobic, small-minded hack who would dare write the following after hailing Wenger and hawking a biography about Wenger:

What you have now, after ten years of Arsene Wenger, is a French club captained by a narcissistic ballerina, and a technical team where nobody shouts at each other, and a changing room with thirteen nationalities.

Stan Kroenke might look at the league table, and last season’s league table, and ask: Is this Arsene Wenger the only soccer coach in the world ?”

“Arsene Wenger is a suicidally stubborn, self-defeating science teacher who will never hand his players over to somebody who can teach them how to defend as you have to in English football.

He won’t share his team with anybody and he won’t share the glory with anybody and he refuses to have anybody around who will contradict him. He is a messiah who doesn’t listen and therefore he won’t have to share the blame with anybody.

It’s his training, his ideas, his philosophy, his pilates, his French osteopath, his hydro pools, his training pitches with undersoil heating, and his lunch menu served on crockery chosen by him. It’s a French club with a French dressing room where three players speak German, (Lehman, Rosicky and Hleb) and three whose first language is English – Hoyte, Walcott and Adebayor, who comes from the English-speaking part of Togo.

Unfortunately, he’s stayed too long. His ideas have taken Arsenal a long way forward but now he has shot his bolt. He can’t take Arsenal any further because he is obsessed with kids and surrounds himself with yes-men.”

Yes, we can all second-guess but how many would have succeeded in transforming this team into what it has achieved in the last 10 years. To call for Wenger’s head now, like Palmer does and others on this site do by insinuation, is weak, craven and a demonstration of ingratitude and short-sightedness. Shame on you all. Wenger is stubborn, is proud, is pig-headed, will not admit wrongdoing by his players to the outside world, will say things that are quite evidently false in order to protect his beloved team against the outside world, but he is our genius, our talisman, our man. If we continue posting like idiots, perhaps the team’s ownership (or possibly Stan Kroenke in the future) will begin taking this crap seriously and will let Wenger go in order to bring on the new flavor of the month. Arsenal does not have the resources, hubris, and moral ambiguity to be Real Madrid. Let’s remember who and what we are.