Welcome to the new and improved ArsenalAmerica.com


As some of you may know, ArsenalAmerica.com was hacked not too long ago. This caused lots of issues with access, missing posts, comments disappearing, etc, etc.

Our webmaster Andrew, along with my good friend Dave, have been working for the past several weeks, and believe they’ve worked out all the issues caused by the hack. We’ve also taken this opportunity to push through some changes that we’ve been planning for some time.

We’re pretty certain that everyone’s usernames and passwords migrated successfully. We had several individuals test it out over the last few days, and all were able to log in. Should you have any trouble logging in, please let me know.

Everyone has been granted “contributor” level access to the site – which is the same level as in the old version of the site. If you’d like to submit news, the process is pretty much the same, although the interface is somewhat different. Those veteran posters out there should find it pretty straightforward, but if anyone has any difficulty, please let me know.

We look forward to bringing even more exciting changes to you in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Thank you,
Mike Kavanagh
President, Arsenal America