Training in Nagoya: Just like Bad Waltersdorf

20130721_172659oBy Nick Lellenberg @HomeatHighbury

Training last night in Nagoya was just like the old days in Austria. Small stadium, perched above the players. They started with a basic warm up, then continued to five a side keep away. Some narrow 8 a side keep away became drills of playing the ball up from the back with a final through ball, and finally they moved on to three team of six shooting on goal.


What was amazing was how quiet the Japanese fans were once training started. Ahead of it they welcomed Arsene with chants of “One Arsene Wenger!” but once the players began their drills, it was very quiet, a change from other preseasons I’ve been to. I was able to get the banner up, and I see it made the shots on, so they know Arsenal America is back! Now just to get them to come to America…here are some pictures I got last night. Hope you enjoy, more after ttonight’s match!