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Meet The Board

Adrian Cazares

Ticketing Officer
Founder - Arizona Gooners

Los Angeles, CA

Rick Breese


Calgary, Alberta Canada

David Przybylinski


Kansas City, MO

Mike Kavanagh

Former President

Baltimore, MD

Steve Rossen

Former President

Baltimore, MD

John Pappas


Scottsdale, AZ

Nick Lellenberg

Branch Liaison
Founder - Boston Gooners

Alexandria, VA

Dili Yang

Assitant Branch Liaison
Branch Manager - Chicago Gooners

Chicago, IL

Jeremy Chasey

IT/Web Development
Branch Manager - Orange County Gooners

Pomona, CA

Drew Wiltjer

IT/Web Development
Branch Manager - Denver Gooners

Denver, CO

Bryce Larsen

Social Media

Boston, MA

Brandon Johnson

Membership Support

Austin, TX

Phil Szrama

Graphic Design
Branch Manager - Rochester Gooners

Rochester, NY

Brian Pekdur

Assistant Treasurer
Branch Manager - Gulf Coast Gooners

Tampa, FL