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Yank to own Arsenal?

From today’s on-line Guardian….I am not sure on how this may play out…the fragmentation of the stockholders and their antipathy for each other may make this easy for Kroenke.

Kroenke cranks ups his ante in Arsenal

Paul Kelso
Friday April 13, 2007
The Guardian

The uncertainty surrounding Arsenal’s long-term future deepened yesterday with confirmation that the American billionaire Stanley Kroenke has increased his stake in the club to 11.26%. Kroenke, owner of five sports franchises including the Colorado Rapids MLS side, purchased a 9.9% share from ITV before Easter for a total of £65m that included a 50% stake in Arsenal Broadband Ltd. It is believed that the additional shares were bought from Danny Fiszman, who as the club’s largest shareholder holds the key to any takeover. Fiszman sold 659 shares, around 1% of his 25% holding, for £4m last month and until now it was unclear whether Kroenke was the buyer. The move is significant because it is unlikely that diamond dealer Fiszman, who also sold his Hampstead home for £20m recently, would have sold were he unaware of Kroenke’s intentions.

Paul Andrews, executive vice-president of Kroenke Sports Entertainment, declined to comment on the tycoon’s next move but he praised the work of Arsenal’s managing director Keith Edelman, who was in Colorado at the weekend as part of a marketing tie-up between the Gunners and the Rapids.

Arsenal’s diffuse shareholding means that Kroenke can pick off shareholders, with Lady Nina Bracewell Smith (16%) a potential target. David Dein (13%) will also be watching closely. Dein is working on a five-year plan with Arsène Wenger and the next few weeks could determine if he is in a position to implement it.

You Lot Would Have Surrendered After Dunkirk

The comments of the last few weeks are understandable. I agree with some of them (Baptista and Aliadiere should go, Flamini sucks, Fabregas is either tired or has been found out, Arsenal cannot defend set pieces nor can it punish teams with corners, the wide midfielders Arsenal has are not true wingers, Lehman’s time may be up, Eboue needs to learn how to behave, Wenger should fess up more often and call out several of his men, Arsenal needs someone, anyone, to hold the players internally accountable.) I disagree with a bunch of others (Clichy is only half as good as Cole, Flamini has heart and should be retained, and most definitely, Wenger should go.)

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100% Game Domination ?

Well here we are again ,another game 100% dominated ,NO GOALS .Why ?
Is it that our game is tempered to the abilities of T.H .? Every-thing seems to be set up so we walk the ball into the net. Have we no-one who is willing to have a blast ,do we need a bustling centre forward (target man) to hold things up ,to create havoc in opposing penalty areas.Yes it looks very pretty ,but shouldn’t we be a bit more direct ?
Personally I believe we need 3 new players next season to shore up the spine of the team :- a G.K , Centre Half and a bustling C.F . Now the question is who ? Goal keeper ,could well be Buffon ,but could he handle the buffeting of the Premier League ? Centre Half , Alex from P.S.V. hard and robust not scared to tackle and get stuck in ,Centre forward ,Carew ,tall ,knows how to hold the ball up ,wait for help and can score goals with head and foot .
Well this is only the thoughts of a Very concerned Gooner who got a heap of stick from his west ham supporting daughter yesterday ,(sorry but I did try to bring her up right).