Please read the FAQ for the Arsenal America Ticket presale for the NYRB Friendly

Important Information for New Members and US Friendly: If you submit a payment via PayPal, you will be contacted regarding the ticket presale for the NYRB friendly wgeb the presale begins (Arsenal America do not know when the presale will begin, Arsenal have not released that information). Due to time and technical constraints, you may not receive a confirmation email or be given a site login immediately. However, if your money and email are submitted via PayPal, you will receive the ticket email when it goes out.

If you would like to pre-order a membership for 2014/15 in order to take part in the Arsenal America NYRB ticket presale, simply change your payment amount in PayPal from $25 to $35 and you will automatically be assigned membership for next season. Or, you can send a separate payment via PayPal to and you will be given membership for the 14/15 season.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Arsenal America! Membership dues are $25 per season (payable via PayPal).  Each membership cycle lasts the length of each season.

For example, if you were to join in February, you would do so with the understanding that your membership expires in July of that same year, (only five months later). No new Premium Members are allowed after May until the next season’s renewal period begins in July.

In accordance with rules laid out by Arsenal Football Club, Premium Members of Arsenal America must be US (or Territory) resident.  If you are located near/around the US, and do not have a local supporters club to associate with, you can reach out to us to identify the best group for you to join.  You can join here or contact us at

Premium members have access to our ticket assistance program (for more info, see the Tickets FAQ page), road trips to Ashburton Grove, and are eligible for a few free giveaways each year, as well as occasional discounts at the Arsenal store that are granted by Arsenal to members of their official supporters clubs.

Premium members additionally have usernames on which allows for the submission of articles and commenting on posts on the site.

Arsenal America are also pleased to offer a free site membership option to all visitors to our site.