Coming to America and Coming Home: A Conversation with Terry Burton (Part II)

By David Kilpatrick (@DrDKilpatrick)


DK:  Obviously, books have been written about this, but I think you have a unique perspective. How would you say the culture at the club changed since you were last at the club in the ‘80s?

TB:  It’s massive. I mean in terms of the club, it’s so much bigger, in terms of the number of people that work here. What you did, in the ‘80s you knew the entire staff, everyone who worked on the office staff, you knew the grounds staff, you knew the cleaning ladies, you knew the ladies that made the tea, you knew everybody that was involved, from people at Highbury to people at the training ground at London Colney, it was much more intimate; in terms of personnel, I’d say there was so few, but well, that was how football clubs were run. In terms of staff at the club, Don was the manager, you had the coach at the time, Sean Cartwright, myself as reserve team coach, you didn’t have a youth team coach, you had probably a physio at first-team level and possibly a physio at reserve team level full-time, and that was it, that was your full-time staff.  You’re talking about a handful of people, six or seven people. Now, you can have six or seven masseurs at a club. It’s just like all clubs, all clubs are the same, they’ve all grown out of proportion really to how football clubs were run at that time, and I guess that’s the way of the football world nowadays.

DK:  How closely do you work with Wenger and to what degree does he implement a certain method of play? What training methodologies does he oversee with you?

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Coming to America and Coming Home: A Conversation with Terry Burton (Part I)

By David Kilpatrick (@DrDKilpatrick)


Terry Burton joined Arsenal as an apprentice in 1969 and in 1971 he captained the FA Youth Cup winning side. Although he never played for the first-team, he rejoined the club as a youth team coach in 1979, then moved up the club’s coaching ranks to become Reserve Team Manager, before leaving the club again in 1987. Burton recently rejoined the club as Reserves and Head Development Coach last summer. <>

Burton took time recently to reminisce about the first and only Arsenal visit to New York, a 7-5 loss to the New York Express in the inaugural game of the short-lived Major Indoor Soccer League side (played on January 24, 1986 at Nassau Coliseum), as well as reflect upon how much the club has changed in the twenty-five years since he left.

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An interview with “Le Boss”

by Brett Stein

With the opening match of the 2012/13 campaign rapidly approaching, Arsenal America contributor Brett Stein (@JerZGooner) was given access for an exclusive interview with the fearless leader of The Gunners.  What follows is an unedited transcript that covers new signings, exiting players, the addition of Steve Bould and many other topics all Gooners are sure to be interested in learning more about. Read More …