The Ramsey Bandwagon

By Chris Jenkins @ByChrisJenkins

The way it sounds today, nobody ever jumped off the Aaron Ramsey bandwagon.

Here’s guessing pretty much anybody you know who follows The Arsenal closely has said something along the lines of this in the past couple of weeks: Oh, sure. Other people doubted him. But not me. Noooooo. Not once. Never.


Nobody saw this coming, not to this extent — perhaps not even Arsene Wenger. Ramsey leads the Gunners with seven goals in all competitions, but even that doesn’t fully describe his level of play early this season.

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Arsenal v. Blackburn Pre-Report: Silverware v. Relegation!

By Tony Gallahan

At last the international break is over.  Arsenal can get back to the Premier League title race.  Blackburn Rovers come to Emirates Stadium this Saturday and will face a team that is looking to enter April on an up note.  March was a dark month for the Gunners.  I won’t rehash those memories.  I’ll just say it is time to move forward and the Rovers are going to the victim of that progress. Read More …