Arsenal, Arsene Wenger and the Future: What We Don’t Know

By Chris Jenkins (@ByChrisJenkins)


The losses felt like warning signs of an empire in decline, the aftermath something like an awkward wake where nobody looks each other in the eye.


After an embarrassing exit to Blackburn Rovers in the FA Cup and a miserable Champions League pummeling by Bayern Munich in the space of a week, the always-simmering subject of Arsene Wenger’s future at Arsenal has reached full boil.

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Pressure’s on Wenger, but who could do better?

By Chris Jenkins (@ByChrisJenkins)

Ah, yes. It’s not even 2013 yet, and Arsenal and its fans already are at their schizophrenic best.


The club is “in crisis” according to some, direly in need of significant January reinforcements according to all – and, by the way, still a few points out of the top four and alive in four competitions.


This can mean only one thing, of course: It’s time for another installment of Arsene Wenger’s reminder to fans that while it could be better, it most certainly could be way worse.

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What Does the Arsenal Supporter Expect From This Season?

By Jad Chamseddine

After slumping to a disappointing defeat at Carrow Road, the Arsenal fan is feeling extremely deflated.  Arsenal did not only play poorly, but this was worse than the traditional Arsenal loss, since the team did not create any real chances.  Usually Arsenal peppers the opposition goal and hits the post a few times, after which Wenger blames the defeat on bad luck, but in this case, Arsenal were not able to make the passes in the final third.  The lack of imagination was perhaps due to the 9 defenders Norwich deployed once Holt scored, but even in these cases, Arsenal finds a way to create a few chances to challenge the opposition.  It is hard to pinpoint the culprit for this defeat, since the entire team played badly, but to blame Mannone for fumbling the ball would be unjust and a failure to identify the problems in the foundation of the team. Read More …