New Website

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Welcome to our new website! To better serve our members and branches, we’ve spruced a few things up on our website. Our priority was to solidify our membership sign-up and ticket request process, while making some small design, messaging, and usability updates. Please bare with us as we continually look for ways to improve this experience.

Arsenal Review USA Podcast – Arsenal Dig Deep to Win to Try and Find Fluency

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Arsenal make it 2-0-0 since spending some f***ing money in the summer transfer window, but only just as they have to rely on some fairly charitable refereeing to score a last-gasp penalty against the dreaded Shane Long and Southampton on the weekend. Since we’re still a little worried they haven’t shaken the habit of over-elaborating in front of goal we’ve brought back Kevin Mooney of to talk offensive directness, center-back pairings, midfield depth and much much more in lieu of a busy week of games against PSG and then Hull. Plus join in on some Parisian prize trivia if you’re feeling lucky…

Laurent Koscielny didn’t get seven shades kicked out of his melon for you to NOT download this podcast: get the new episode from iTunesour raw RSS feed or our archive. For more information please visit Arsenal Review USA.