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    Christopher Lotz

    Thanks for getting this up and running, Drew.


    How long does it usually take before you know if your request is approved?

    Michele Caracappa

    Thanks for getting this worked out. Excited to get my request in!


    My order doesn’t seem to want to go through. And it is so very difficult to obey the “please press only once” sign. Argh.


    Having the same problem. The button to complete the order doesn’t work. Tried multiple browsers.


    Overnight we pushed out a small update that seems to have broke it for some people. We reverted back and you should be able to purchase now. Please clear your cache and give it another try.


    All deposits that already went through, are still good I assume? I just thought I would check!


    Yes, any requests you’ve made that ended successfully are still valid. If you want to verify your requests, please visit the ‘My Ticket Requests’ page under the Account menu.

    Kyle Holmberg

    Drew, I requested tickets and then cancelled the request 2 days later. Do you refund the deposits? The only mention I see about refunds in the FAQ is concerning failure to pay:

    “If you make a ticket request and do not pay for the tickets, you will not be allowed to make ticket requests again through Arsenal America. Additionally, your deposit will not be refunded.”

    Brian Eagan

    I would like some additional clarification. How far in advance would you be notified of getting tickets? This is key to be able to make reasonable travel plans from the U.S.


Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 40 total)
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