Arsenal America


Our History & Mission

From the earliest days of our supporters club, starting back in 2001, our goal as Arsenal America has been  to grow and strengthen support for Arsenal across the U.S. We started as a group of friends, meeting to watch matches, and have grown to encompass nearly a hundred branches and thousands of members nationwide. That “group of friends, gathering to support” mantra remains at the core and heart of our mission and vision, and the key focus for our efforts.


Supporting a football club is a personal and communal experience and we all come to that support in our own, individual ways. From playing FIFA in dorm rooms to being born steps from The Emirates, every member of Arsenal America has a unique story. Our role and duty as Arsenal America is to grow those stories across as many supporters as possible – facilitating a local, regional, and national Arsenal community where all are welcome.

Board Members

Secretary | Boston, MA

Jeffrey werner

Home Group: Boston Gooners

My Arsenal Story:


Treasurer | Dallas, TX

Kevin Dunham

Home Group: Houston Gooners

My Arsenal Story:

I’ve been an Arsenal supporter for 20 years now and I met my lovely partner Dorsa thanks to Arsenal.

ticketing | Grand Rapids, MI

Dan weatherhead

Home Group: Arsenal Grand Rapids

My Arsenal Story:

In 2002 my college roommate convinced me to get up at 2:45am to watch the US men play Portugal in the World Cup.  Previously, I had never watched any professional soccer.  After watching all of the US matches in that World Cup, I was hooked, and that I needed to start following a professional team.  I decided it should be a team in England, as the message I had heard during the WC was that it was the ‘best league in the world’.  My roommate also happened to have a copy of Fifa ’02 for the PS1, and so I went to start a season, and the first team that came up was Arsenal.  I thought the badge looked cool, 4.5 stars, red/white colors, so after flipping through the other 19 teams, I landed on Arsenal as my team.  After getting used to the team on PS1, my local Fox Sports affiliate replayed an Arsenal match from the 2002/03 season, and I was hooked.  I had never seen the game played the way that team played, I was blown away.  And I’ve been following ever since!

branch liason | columbus, OH

drew collins

Home Group: Columbus Gooners

My Arsenal Story:


events | New Orleans, LA

tiffany campo

Home Group: Krewe of Arsenal

My Arsenal Story:

Communications | saint paul, MN

laurie laker

Home Group: Twin Cities Gooners

My Arsenal Story:

Hello everyone, I’m Laurie. Lifelong Gooner, English expat, tea-loving weirdo and (occasionally) sweary ginger. My history with the club is a long one. My uncle played for the club in the 1960’s, and before him my grandfather was a supporter and a regular at Highbury. As a third generation supporter (or fourth, depending on who you ask!) myself, it’s in my blood. Currently, I’m the branch manager for the Twin Cities Gooners in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota, and was the founding branch manager of the Pikes Peak Gooners in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I’ve been on the Arsenal America board since 2020, serving across several roles before landing on my current role as Communications Manager. This club means more to me than I’ve ever truly been able to articulate, and the community I’ve found across my adopted country and around the world on preseason trips, travels, and more is nothing short of extraordinary. It’s an honour and a privilege to be a part of it. COYG!

social media | New orleans, LA

alfredo narvaez

Home Group: Krewe of Arsenal

My Arsenal Story:

Hi, I’m Fredo! I’ve been a supporter of Arsenal FC for over 20 years now. I’ve been lucky to get to see Arsenal in person during one of AA’s Road Trips (a lovely 2-1 win over Bayern Munich). I’m also in the planning group for Krewe of Arsenal’s yearly gathering, Gooner Gras. I’ve been on the AA board now for 5 years, helping to connect Arsenal America with the nationwide and even global following of Arsenal FC.

community engagement | sarasota, FL

mike feinberg

Home Group: Gulf Coast Gooners / Sarasota Gooners

My Arsenal Story:

Hi, I’m Mike! I originally fell in love with The Arsenal during high school in London which happened to be a season ending in Arsenal’s dramatic last-second goal to win the league at Anfield (1988-89). Nowadays I’m a proud husband and father to a family of Gooners and I love encouraging and emphasizing the amazing community of wonderful, fun, and charitable people in the Gooner Family here in the USA. I also founded and actively fundraise for cancer research and family support through Gooners v. Cancer, a 501(c)3 charitable organization that has raised funds since 2017.

Member Services | Detroit, MI

Ryan Youngblood

Home Group: Arsenal Detroit

My Arsenal Story:

Became an Arsenal fan in 2002 after watching my first Arsenal match on TV. Was able to attend my first live Arsenal match in 2016. Love for The Arsenal has grown after meeting so many amazing Gooners from around the world.

Member At Large, Arsenal Woman | Denver, CO

Hallie Guardo

Home Group:  Denver Gooners

My Arsenal Story:

Hi, I’m Hallie, currently a Denver Gooner (formerly NJ, PA, UK). My first Arsenal men’s match was in 2008 and my first Arsenal women’s match was in 2016. It’s been incredible to see the evolution of the club and the community around it from both senior teams and to have made friends around the world along the way.

Technology | St Louis, MO

Rick Hicks

Home Group: Gateway Gooners

My Arsenal Story:

Was watching World Cup 1998 with my soccer team.  It was a quarterfinal match, 89th minute, tied 1-1; then HE happened.  The call was “Dennis Bergkamp! Dennis Bergkamp! Dennis Bergkamp! Dennis Bergkamp! Dennis Bergkamp! Dennis Bergkamp!”

Once I got home I immediately went looking for who he played for – the rest is my Arsenal history…

I got involved in the Gooner Ramble podcast, starting out as the sound engineer behind the scenes, then becoming a part-time host later.

After attending ’14th Street is RED’ in NYC in 2014, I immediately began working on starting a branch in St. Louis with a few others.  Gateway Gooners was born within weeks!