History and Mission

From the earliest days of our supporters club, starting back in 2001, our goal as Arsenal America has been  to grow and strengthen support for Arsenal across the U.S. We started as a group of friends, meeting to watch matches, and have grown to encompass nearly a hundred branches and thousands of members nationwide. That “group of friends, gathering to support” mantra remains at the core and heart of our mission and vision, and the key focus for our efforts.

Supporting a football club is a personal and communal experience and we all come to that support in our own, individual ways. From playing FIFA in dorm rooms to being born steps from The Emirates, every member of Arsenal America has a unique story. Our role and duty as Arsenal America is to grow those stories across as many supporters as possible – facilitating a local, regional, and national Arsenal community where all are welcome.

Where to Find Us

Our branches are at the center of our efforts and are often the beating heart of our support. Arsenal America branches are places where connections and communities are built – forged in celebration. song, and charity. We’re honored to champion these groups across our entire national supporters network, and hope you’ll be able to join us at a match soon. Check out the Branch Locator for more information on where you can get together with fellow Gooners across the U.S.

Beyond our U.S. shores, Arsenal American also provides our members with unique opportunities to watch The Arsenal in-person in London at The Emirates Stadium. For each home fixture across every season, the club provides us with a limited number of tickets we make available to our members. If you’re ever thought about going to a matchday in North London, to see the mighty Arsenal play, please head to our Tickets page for more.

Contact Us

Have questions about ticketing? Wondering how to get a branch started in your town? Looking to connect with Gooners across the country? Whatever the query, we’d love to hear from you.

For questions regarding establishing a branch, VISIT THE BRANCHES PAGE for a list of general requirements, then contact us at [email protected] is any questions persist.

For membership questions, contact us at [email protected]  

For ticketing inquiries, VISIT THE TICKETING PAGE, then contact us at [email protected] if any questions persist.

For general questions, contact us at [email protected]

Board Members

Jeffrey Werner

Secretary | Boston, MA

David Ziegler

Treasurer | San Antonio, TX

Dan Weatherhead

Ticketing | Grand Rapids, MI

Drew Collins

Branch Liaison | Columbus, OH

Tiffany Campo

Events | New Orleans, LA

Laurie Laker

Membership & Communications | Saint Paul, MN

Alfredo Narvaez

Social Media | New Orleans, LA

Mike Feinberg

Community Engagement | Bradenton, FL