History and Mission

Arsenal America was formed in August 2001 by several fans of Arsenal Football Club who realized that Arsenal had no official supporters club in the United States. Granted official status in 2005, our mission is connecting fans to each other and the club, locally, nationally, and internationally, both online and in person, through branches, events, and online communities. Arsenal America is run by people just like you. Devoted fans and supporters that volunteer their time to give American supporters the best fan experiences possible.

Where to Find Us

Arsenal America has over 50 branches in every corner of the United States. The branches serve as local support and contacts for Arsenal America, along with providing supporters the environment to come together and watch matches. Check out our Branches tab for more information about where you can meet with your fellow Gooners.

Along with providing supporters places to watch The Arsenal in the United States, we provide our members with the opportunity to see them live in London. Each season, Arsenal Football Club provides us with a limited number of tickets per home match that we can pass along to our members. If you have ever wanted to see Arsenal play at the Emirates, make sure to check out our Ticket FAQ.

We also work in concert with Arsenal Football Club to support the charity work that they do each year, along with our own charity and relief efforts.


For questions regarding establishing a branch, contact us at branchliaison@arsenalamerica.com

For membership questions, contact us at board@arsenalamerica.com

For ticketing inquiries, contact us at tickets@arsenalamerica.com