IMPORTANT TICKETING UPDATE – As of January 2023, no further Premier League matches are available for ticketing.

IMPORTANT MEMBER PACK NOTE – Any members who sign up after March 17, 2023 will not receive a 22/23 season members pack due to depleted inventory. These members will instead have their memberships automatically extended through the 23/24 season at no additional charge, including a full 23/24 member pack. This season’s late delivery will not be repeated, and all members can expect next season’s to arrive no later than early autumn 2023.

For 2022/23 memberships, access Member Benefits here

Level Price  
2022/23 Full

No refunds are available for purchased memberships. Membership does not guarantee match ticket availability.

Initial member packs will be sent in autumn. After that, member packs will bundled in a monthly shipment.

Member packs cannot be shipped outside of US/Canada.

Membership expires on May 31, 2023.

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