Olivier Giroud Scores for Arsenal

New Arsenal Season – New Content from Arsenal Review USA

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Well here we are. One match into the new English Premier League season and stressed out already. Thankfully the points were secured and we can sleep soundly knowing Alexis Sanchez is staying put, for now. Media partner Arsenal Review USA has more, check out their latest posts below.

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Arsenal Lift FA Cup Trophy

Arsenal Review USA FA Cup Victory: We Win Tings

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Sure, it’s ten less than the number of FA cups that Arsenal’s won, but it’s a decent spread of download locations nonetheless: get the new pod from iTunesour raw RSS feed or our archive.
Arsenal put the doubters to rest as they out-fight and out-class Premiership champions Chelsea two goals to one in an epic FA Cup Final encounter. Helping us relive the whole unforgettable experience, praise Per Mertesacker’s defense and prorate Arsenal’s season after this immense achievement will be Arsenal matchday commentator Dan Roebuck, plus we’ll go through listener’s end of season reviews and fittingly award some end of season SWAG…


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Aaron Ramsey Everton Goal

Arsenal Review USA Post-Everton: Too Little Too Late

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Impressive wins against Sunderland and then Everton on the final day of the season prove to be a day late and a dollar short as other results around the league leave Arsene Wenger’s squad fifth in the table. We’ll discuss the Frenchman’s absence from the yearly lap of appreciation and this season’s legacy in general, plus FA Cup Final lineup projections and why circumstances could work in this particular squad’s favor heading into their showdown against Chelsea…



As always, we’d like to trade your thoughts on Arsenal’s season in exchange for a chance at some free Arsenal SWAG in our annual End of Season Catharsis. Don’t be shy…
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Arsenal Review USA Post-Sutton United: Viral Pies

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The FA Cup proves a welcome distraction to Arsene Wenger and Arsenal as the Gunners do just enough to ease Sutton United to the side en route to yet another FA Cup quarter-final, this time with help from Theo Walcott and Lucas Perez goals. Joining us on the live show will be Jon Shay of Woolwich 1886 and Colin from the Krewe of Arsenal to talk Arsene Wenger’s point of no return and whether or not superstars like Alexis Sanchez are now in fact the real power holders at the club, plus reliving the highlights from Gooner Gras 2017….

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Alexis Sanchez Scored Against Hull City

Arsenal Review USA Post-Hull City: Alexis and the Hand of Dog

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Arsenal grab an ugly 3 points from Hull City to secure their first win in three games. We discuss whether this latest performance against Hull suggests Arsene Wenger’s side is under-rotated, evaluate the unresolved contract effect and look ahead to midweek Champions League action against Bayern Munich…

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Alexis Panenka Burnley

Arsenal Review USA Post-Burnley: Alexis Leaves it Late after Shkodran Spark

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It wasn’t pretty, but Arsenal’s persistence on offense was just enough to overcome Burnley (and Jon Moss’s) stubborn defense en route to a vital 2-1 win at home. Sam Limbert of the Big Diag stops by to relate the Emirates drama as well as talk over Xhaka’s increasingly worrying disciplinary record, adequate solutions at right back and Arsenal’s better-than-usual start to the match…

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Alexis Sanchez celebrates after scoring against Swansea in weekend EPL action

Arsenal Review USA Post-Swansea: Alexis’ Parka of Solitude

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Arsenal eventually see off hapless Swansea with the help of another Giroud goal, two cameos from Own Goal and a frustrated fourth from Alexis Sanchez. Helping us evaluate the Chilean’s latest pout on the Anelka Sulk Scale will be Chris Jenkins, plus we’ll parse out the many stages of Arsenal matches and Iwobi’s Jedi mind tricks…

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