The Krewe did a fantastic job of getting the hype started online with their daily posts and tweets leading up to GGV. From the first moment we landed in NOLA from Madison WI to attend our first Gooner Gras, we knew something special was on the horizon. We had heard the tales of Gooner Gras’ past fondly retold by our Arsenal America family during the 2016 preseason tour in California and more recent trips to Austin and Chicago. Past attendees’ reminiscence definitely gave the mind’s eye an electric portrayal of the gathering, but nothing prepared the soul for all the smiles, hugs, high fives, and most impressively the LOVE from old and new friends coming from all across the country to gather and to celebrate The Arsenal.

Liam Geoghegan Smith
Twitter: @LiamSmith1982
Insta: @sliding_rock
Branch: ASC Madison

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