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    Thank you all for your continued patience. We are having difficulties integrating the payment processing methods for the ticket requests. We are working with PayPal to resolve and should have an update soon.

    Colin Steitz

    any updates to report?


    Thanks for the update Drew. Hopefully it can get fixed soon. Also trying to pull for a match in October!


    what’s the scoop, do we know when the ticket request function will be restored?


    Apologies for the continued delay. We are all ready to launch, and awaiting PayPal’s approval for us to accept Direct Credit Cards through their service. We applied a week ago and expected it to be ready already. Please subscribe to this thread if you haven’t done so already (subscribe button in the top right of this page) as I will be posting here when it’s live.


    Can someone enlighten me on the likelihood that a ticket request is processed/approved? I’m completely new to this so I am just trying to gauge what my best bet would be in regards to purchasing tickets. I have read through the FAQ so I understand the formal process, but it seems to be very hit or miss which is especially problematic for me because apparently you only find out if you have been awarded your request 2 to 3 weeks prior to the game. I am afraid that if I rely on getting a ticket through ArsenalAmerica, then I will be SOL if it falls through.

    I appreciate any and all help or advice!


    Yeah its a bit of a risk to take to travel abroad and show up empty handed. i wish there was a bit more transparency about the amount of tickets provided in each game and where you are at in the queue for each request. you might be better off getting a red membership and buying of the arsenal website. i will say about arsenal america, as long as you put a request in earlier enough you can get access to games you would not likely with a red membership (spuds)


    Since we’re well within the 10 week window, is it safe to say that the Aug 13 match v Liverpool will be impossible to get?


    We will still be accepting ticket requests for Arsenal v Liverpool once the ticketing store launches.

    Apologies for the continued delay, we are talking with PayPal daily to try to get our API application approved in a timely manner. Any day now!


    Ticket Requests are now open, please visit the ticketing link to place your requests. Thank you again for your patience.

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 40 total)
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